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Hi and welcome to OnePointTwoThree '1.23' DNA healing!


My name is Payal, I am a clinical hypnotherapist and founder of 1.23, a unique solution that works with both, your conscious as well as your sub conscious mind.  

Based between Bali and Dubai, through 1.23 I offer therapy, coaching & group healing sessions. I believe that everyone is unique with his/her/their own specific challenges and specific way of understanding, hence 1:1 therapy/ coaching sessions are specially curated for you and what resonates with you.


There are also courses that you can opt for. Just scroll through and you will get all the information that you need. And well done on starting your healing journey with me @ 1.23

Become the story you want to create 

My Story

An inquisitive girl coming from a samll town in north of India, I have travelled across the world and have had eye- opening experiences. Experiences that opened doors of my perception of life, people, energy and spirituality. I do believe I manifested my my whole life (unknowingly) and now I am an aware manifestor towards achieving purpose of my life through 1.23

I heal myself through each on of you.


hypnotherapist and founder of 1.23

1.23 Coaching


We are running on automated mode, programs that are so innate in our subconscious that we consciously can't change it. Re-Program your mind, your soul, your life.


Manifest means clear to your eyes and mind. We all have the ability to manifest, this course helps you learn tools and tap into your clairvoyance.


Addiction is a dark energy that engulfs the person completely. But if you have the will and attitude of not giving up, You will be FREE with 1.23

Hot Air Balloons


Lana Harbour

It was hard to believe that in just two sessions one can find harmony and freedom within. However, this is exactly what happened in the most gentle way possible. I am so grateful. Thank you Payal

Alex Fabri

Payal has been an incredible hypno therapist helping me with my anxiety and past traumas. She listened to me and adapted the sessions to what could work best for me. Thank you so much Payal! 

Sameer Anwar

Payal is a naturally gifted person as a therapist. Her strength and spirit are contagious. She is insightful and leads people to feel empowered. She has an uncanny ability to come up with solutions that are right on target. 

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Dubai & Bali

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