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We All Have Our Own Unique Stories

I never knew as a child what I wanted to be when I grow up. Coming from a small town, bigger/ developed cities intrigued me and I just followed places- moving to Delhi- Mumbai- London & later Dubai, educating and later working within creative design field.


A seeker of experiences, I have had some eye-opening experiences throughout my life, that opened my doors of perception towards spirituality- be it Ayahuasca retreat in the Amazon or learning Hypnotherapy.


There came a point in my life, where I didn’t see any meaning to what I was doing and started wasting myself into smoking & drinking. I became a bitter person specially at work. 


My intuition knew that if I carry on like this, I am going down towards a miserable unhappy unfulfilled life. And I did first get out of my addictions via hypnotherapy and eventually parted my way from corporate world after 19 years.


Sheer excitement of the unknown, thrilled me. I went on a journey- from Peru to Ghana to Bali. From 1:1 hypnotherapy to venturing into Metaverse wellness space and finally getting completely aligned with what I want to do in this life of mine.


Its only when I knew in every single cell of my body, that my life purpose is to share whatever wisdom I have along with my skills in design and communication. Also realizing that I am a unique mix and have something to offer to this world and humanity is when I founded 1.23 DNA healing.  


Based between Bali & Dubai, I provide-

  • 1:1 sessions- hypnotherapy & coaching. In person or online.

  • Group sessions- with some amazing wellness places in Bali @ Udara & in Dubai @ Keyani.

This is only a chapter of my life and I cant wait to unfold the rest of life :)

Hypnotherapist, founder, healer, coach

This Is My Story

To Be Continued.......

My Life in Pictures

Meaning behind 1.23

1.23 is the variation of DNA between us/ human and next to our animal kin/ chimpanzee. This variation is the key to our ability to manifest. We as human have manifested this whole world- everything you look around came from ‘a thought that was manifested through action into reality’. This variation is the foundation of human intelligence and will to create something bigger/ better.

However, it is also this variation that leads to many mental wellbeing challenges, from anxiety to stress to hypertension and eventual manifestation of such thoughts into our physical body. Negative emotions make our DNA coil up, creating energy blocks, affecting not only our physical state but environment that surrounds us.


Only when one can truly relax and let go, is when DNA can express itself fully and we can manifest our true self out into this world.


Hence 1.23 DNA Healing.

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